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Meet the Founder, Master Healer/Master Teacher Rhonda Battisto.

Rhonda Battisto

My passion is Positively Healing! ~ I provide guidance, coaching, resources, qigong concepts and instruction to people of all ages from all backgrounds. My unique approach to ‘Positively Healing!’ fosters a supportive environment and promotes optimal, holistic well-being.

In my Monday ‘Qigong for Women’s Health’ class series I guide women on their healing journeys using empowering conversations, qigong practice, guided meditation with compassion, joy, and enthusiasm. This series beautifully serves and uplifts those who have been attending consistently for years as well as and every beginner along the way! (No previous experience or special equipment is needed.)

Whether individual personalized guidance or group workshops, my empowering conversation and healing energy enables you to navigate life with more self-love, kindness, and forgiveness – with effective holistic healing tools to you can enjoy more vibrant aliveness every week!

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The Beginner’s Guide to Qigong Techniques

Choosing Love Through All by Master Healer Rhonda Battisto Fear, anxiety, and grief can take such an awful toll on our energy. Life is incredibly risky - with countless bacteria, viruses, diseases - and community members with their own varied and unique values and...

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Healing Support

Receive empowering guidance, resources, and energetic support to clear blockages and promote holistic healing for yourself and even your beloved companion animals.

Qigong for Women's Health Class

Join Rhonda from the comfort of your home for a weekly Qigong for Women’s Health class. This online course, held Mondays from 10:00-11:30 AM CST

Energy Healing Instruction

We offer a diverse range of interactive healing and empowerment presentations suitable for various settings like professional meetings, clubs, schools, hospitals, and more.

Healing Spaces

Experience the combined power of organization and energy clearing. We provide compassionate and expert support in decluttering, sorting, and reorganizing your living, work, storage, and even show floor spaces.

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My ‘secret sauce’, the one ingredient that makes me unique in my industry is: Positively Healing! I direct my intention, expertise, words and energy positively, to powerfully create an environment which promotes optimal healing, balance and vibrant aliveness. With overarching joy and persistent optimism, I guide students and clients using a variety of effective holistic tools, to help them get (and stay) on their healing path with more love, kindness, forgiveness and compassion for themselves and others!

Rhonda Battisto, Master Healer

Founder, Wonder Horse


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Is Qigong Good for You?

Is Qigong Good for You?

Do you ever wonder why you hold yourself back from achieving your goals or settling for less than you deserve? You’re not alone. Many women struggle with feelings of worthiness, often rooted in unconscious beliefs formed in childhood.

This blog post explores how Qigong for Women’s Health workshops can help you.

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What’s Right: Transforming the Mindset to Thrive

What’s Right: Transforming the Mindset to Thrive

Difficulties are often seen as purely negative. But what if challenges held hidden gifts? This post explores “Silver Lining Mining,” a way to find growth and opportunity in every obstacle. Learn how to shift your mindset and discover the “What’s Right” even in tough times. Click to dive deeper and find the silver linings in your own life!

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A Contemplative Poemby Rhonda BattistoAm I at peace with life and myself?Am I being, feeling and doing my bestas myself…my values and actionsin my...

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