Wherever you go…there you are.

Wherever you go...there you are. The only common denominator in your life - through wildly happy, fortunate, healthy, robustly alive - or terribly sad, poor, sick, and lethargic times - is you. You are there through it, interacting with it all, and dare I...

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Is it Time for a Change?!

Dear Friends, Spring is a time of new beginnings and new growth. Is it time for a change? Time to lighten up and laugh a little? It's all an inside job! When you make a mistake, can you do your best to let go and move on? We are often too hard on ourselves, and each...

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Everything starts from yes!

Dear Friends, Everything starts from yes! As the days grow longer and we navigate a year filled with pure potential, it's a great time to reflect compassionately upon the state of your well-being. Do you recognize the evidence of your progress towards your...

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It's Your Time For... Healing With Words Sundays 1:00-3:30 pm February 11 to March 11 $27 each or five for $72 Master Healer Rhonda Battisto is your host in a beautiful space dedicated to deep healing & going within. Expand your awareness...

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