What are YOU grateful for?

As you rise to meet the road ahead of you – troubles and triumphs galore! – please do focus on gratitude for all of the gifts and beauty your one wild life has presented to you. Right now, think of four things you’re grateful for, and then ‘hit reply’ and share them with me. I’m excited to hear from you!

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The Thread and the Weaver

Sometimes we go around living, the best we can, 'doing life' through efforting and following the course that our parents or society says is 'the way', and feeling like it is all up to us. We get along, and perhaps even make a difference in the world, with a little bit...

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It’s All About Deepening Your Connection

Every day is an opportunity to reflect upon recent experiences.  How have you been living? Are you making the most of opportunities coming your way? Is it time to focus your attention and actions to make improvements? Have you overcome obstacles and can now take a moment to really enjoy those successes?

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Wherever you go…there you are.

Wherever you go...there you are. The only common denominator in your life - through wildly happy, fortunate, healthy, robustly alive - or terribly sad, poor, sick, and lethargic times - is you. You are there through it, interacting with it all, and dare I...

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