Flowing with Change

I hope you are thriving as you embrace life and navigate challenges. There are ample challenges to learn and grow from, right? I am inspired by this adventure and so grateful for life in our dynamic, spirit-filled healing community.

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine! As the trees and plants bloom in perfect time, our lives unfold in a myriad of unexpected ways. It has always been true that life is full of surprises. It is wise to get and stay grounded in goodness, in every way we can. Whenever you find yourself...

Sing Because You Can

Spring is Here! Birds are singing their spring tunes and the sun feels closer and warmer each week. Even with frosty Minnesota mornings, it is easy to feel the quickening of plant and animal life all around us. Once hidden life is beginning to emerge and grow from the...

Shanti, poetry by Rhonda Battisto

Am I at peace with life and myself?Am I being, feeling and doing my best as myself…my values and actionsin my body, life and relationships? Am I taking seriously my limited time on earth?My responsibilities, goals and the power I wield,to be a force for good on my...

Happy October To You!

With shorter days and cooler nights, I recall warm summer memories with a smile. Embracing the beauty and purpose of autumn, we can now choose to let go of things that no longer serve us well.

What are YOU grateful for?

As you rise to meet the road ahead of you – troubles and triumphs galore! – please do focus on gratitude for all of the gifts and beauty your one wild life has presented to you. Right now, think of four things you’re grateful for, and then ‘hit reply’ and share them with me. I’m excited to hear from you!