2016 Extended Weekend Bliss Retreat

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams? Join us for the EXPLORE YOUR BLISS retreat, which will empower you to learn and develop ancient and modern holistic wellness practices, effective life skills, and sacred healing to create more authenticity, vibrancy – and bliss – in your life.

SFQ Practice Group Teleseminar

Please join us for a teleseminar ‘Spring Forest Qigong and Clearing Away Suffering’ by Master Healer Rhonda Battisto. Seminar will (also) include a brief Q&A session and a guided meditation.

Deepening Mastery Retreat

Exploring Our Divine Connection to Heaven and Earth, we will practice rooting/grounding, experience energy expansion and transformation, while raising our vibration to enliven and heal ourselves and the world. Two full days and two nights all-inclusive weekend.