Glorious Elements of Summer

Mid-summer immerses us with warm breezes, brilliant blooms and opportunities to be outdoors. In my experience, gardening – especially barefoot – is a great way to connect with the earth, get your hands in the dirt, and experience the joys of witnessing growth.

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine! As the trees and plants bloom in perfect time, our lives unfold in a myriad of unexpected ways. It has always been true that life is full of surprises. It is wise to get and stay grounded in goodness, in every way we can. Whenever you find yourself...

Sing Because You Can

Spring is Here! Birds are singing their spring tunes and the sun feels closer and warmer each week. Even with frosty Minnesota mornings, it is easy to feel the quickening of plant and animal life all around us. Once hidden life is beginning to emerge and grow from the...

Winter Greetings to You!

Happy Winter, Friends!      It is a great time to sit quietly and reflect on recent months. Have you been the best version of yourself? Kind? Caring? Generous? Respectful? Forgiving? Honest? Inspiring? Loyal? Have you been happy with yourself? Do you appreciate the...

Happy October To You!

With shorter days and cooler nights, I recall warm summer memories with a smile. Embracing the beauty and purpose of autumn, we can now choose to let go of things that no longer serve us well.

Happy Summer to You

So many possibilities arise when the weather is balmy and the days are long. It seems like ages since the spring healing retreat at Crow Wing Crest Lodge, where the weather was perfect and there were many wonderful clients to serve well.